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Cost effective

No more stress with 24/7 customer support given by senior engineers
Save money by hiring less technical staff – we’ll customize and manage your cloud infrastructure long-term so you can focus on your business
Optimized for CPU, RAM usage efficiency

High performance

Fastest network speeds: Up to 40 Gbit/s per server
Latest Xeon processors and unbeatable server speed
Zero-latency VPS hosting

Choose A Hosting Package To Fit Your Needs

DreamVPS offers a variety of services. Below, we gathered the most popular options to make choosing the right one simple.


Starting At
$ 4.99
Single Domain
500MB Storage
150GB of Traffic
Unlimited Subdomains
One Click Installs
800Gbit+ Bandwidth
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Starting At
$ 21.99
1 CPU Core
30GB SSD Disk
5TB of Traffic
800Gbit+ Bandwidth
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Starting At
$ 12.99
1 WordPress install
10,000 visits
1GB SSD Disk
Free SSL & CDN
50GB of Traffic
800Gbit+ Bandwidth
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Starting At
$ 29.99
Backup and Restoration
Firewall & Networking
OS Troubleshooting
DNS Management
Database Managament
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VPS Hosting

Managed WordPress HostingVPS Managment Services

Best VPS Hosting

DreamVPS provides a flexible, user-friendly and cost-effective VPS hosting solution that can be tailored to your specific business needs. In fact, our experts can manage your cloud server infrastructure while still providing you control over the applications and databases you choose to use. With guaranteed high-performance network speed, we offer the best VPShosting for even the most advanced software.

Managed WordPress Hosting
For Everyone

Our Managed WordPress Optimizes your WordPress site for faster loading times, lower latency, and extreme performance to ensure user-friendly accessibility. Our dedicated experts customized Managed WordPress sites for any business ranging from local businesses, B2B companies, e-Commerce websites, video-based sites, service sites or blogs to ensure speed, efficiency, and ability to handle even the heaviest traffic loads.

VPS Managment Services
Like No Other

We can handle your VPS hosting and cloud server infrastructure no matter how big, small, or complicated, while still providing you full control over your applications and databases. Our customer support is easy to reach and we provide 24/7 expert support by phone, chat, or email so you can reach us whenever you need.

Easy-To-Use VPS Hosting Management Console

We use latest UX research to make our hosting management control panel easy to use. Get up and running in minutes.

Ready For Faster And More Reliable VPS Hosting?

Ultimate Cloud Hosting Features & VPS Services
For Linux And Windows

As a VPS hosting company we are proud to provide the best managed cloud hosting services such as software backups, restoration and updates, firewall and networking, OS troubleshooting, DNS management, database management, load balancing, security, Windows and Linux (Debian and Ubuntu) installation, code debugging, application analytics, and help with technical and software challenges, saving you money and server headaches.
Fast, Sustainable Deployment
Create and clone servers quickly and easily with our user-friendly cloud management console – no technical knowledge required.
24/7/365 Expert Support
DreamVPS Support team will offload all the hard work you put into your infrastracture by handling any issue that may arise and provide solutions to any kind of infrastracture related query.
Fully Customizable Hosting
Easily customize or upgrade your server. Add or subtract any hosting feature in just a few clicks.
High-Speed SSD
Run applications and databases with no I/O bottlenecks and zero latency for improved site performance.
40 Gigabit High-Speed Network
Fastest possible networking speed between your servers and the backbone of the Internet: Up to 40 Gbit/s per server.
User-Friendly Control Panel
DreamVPS console is easy to use and allows users to accomplish most tasks in seconds.

Linux & Windows Tutorials For Developers & SYS Admins

Tutorials on OPS, server infrastructure and technologies like Ubuntu, Magento, Debian, CentOS, database servers like MongoDB, MySQL, SQLServer, website speed optimization, scalability, and software like Node.js, Apache, Tomcat, Nginx and more.

Global VPS Hosting Deployment

Deploy your cloud infrastructure globally. We have dedicated servers across Canada and United States in Santa Clara, New York and Texas. Our global data center locations also include Israel and the Middle East, Asia including Hong Kong, Europe including England and the rest of United Kingdom, Netherlands and Germany.

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