Advanced Cloud Management Services

We Provide extended support to guide you with all of your technical needs to ensure you maintain your success.
The Team
Technical DevOps experts team that will assist maximize the cloud infrastructure with ongoing management, including all services: databases, performance optimization, cost, consumption, resource monitoring, 24/7 availability, and automation.
The service
Their experience will expose you to new skills, technology, and tools that are re-tested every day across hundreds of customers. In addition, the team continually works to find the most efficient and stable technological solutions.
The Migration
Migrating a cloud business that is based on old infrastructure is very difficult and requires software upgrades and many expensive work hours. DreamVPS is here to take care of all the migration to our cloud without any additional setup fees.

Management support Service includes

Real-Time Monitoring

We actively monitor all sites, services, cloud resources, and sensitive data to ensure your business is protected and running smoothly 24/7.

Data Back and Protection

Intelligent solutions protect your business, backup, and recover all data from a natural disaster or a hacker.

Firewall and Networking

We’ll manage and strengthen your firewall and VLANS to prevent attacks, slowdowns, or outside issues for improved security and compliance efficiently.

Operating System Maintenance

From Windows to Linux to FreeBSD, we’ll be here to ensure they’re running smoothly and operating effectively for users and workers.

Domain Name System (DNS)

At DreamVPS, we manage your DNS to improve availability and performance while reducing downtime.

Virtual Machine Resource Management

Scalability is essential to long-term business success, which is why we can upgrade or downgrade software or hardware needs in real-time.

Software Installation

We’ll help assist you with day-to-day upgrades and 3rd party software management by ensuring it runs on all of your active systems.

Database Management

High availability and load balancing, discovering and repairing database malfunctions, and optimizing performance.

Load Balancer

We keep your server smoothly running even when traffic gets high to maintain application accessibility and high availability 24/7.

Centralized Configuration

High-density management supports setting up, controlling, and maintaining expansive cloud-based structures and cloud solutions.

Code Debugging

Our professional support team can assist in discovering and repairing code errors and malfunctions to ensure site optimization.

DR and HA Arrays

Utilizing Active/Active or Active/Passive states for maximum availability which can install and set up completely disaster recovery arrays for added peace of mind.