Advanced Cloud Management Services

Here at DreamVPS we want to ensure your technical needs are covered long after your subscription ends. That’s why we offer extended support to help guide you along as needs arise to ensure you maintain your success. Below are the services we currently provide that can be utilized in your package:


Real-Time Monitoring

We actively monitor all sites, services, cloud resources and sensitive data to ensure your business is protected and running smoothly 24/7.

Data Backup and Protection

Before a natural disaster or hacker becomes a problem we’ve come up with smart solutions to protect, backup, and recover all data.

Firewall and Networking

We’ll manage and strengthen your firewall and VLANS to prevent attacks, slowdowns, or outside issues for improved security and compliance efficiently.

Operating System Maintenance

From Windows to Linux to FreeBSD we’ll be here to ensure they’re running smoothly and operating effectively for users and staff.

Domain Name System (DNS)

This allows us to manage your DNS and Smart DNS can help improve availability and performance while reducing downtime.

Virtual Machine Resource Management

Scalability is essential to long-term business success which is why we can upgrade or downgrade software or hardware needs in real time.

Software Installation

We’ll help assist you with day-to-day upgrades and 3rd party software management by ensuring it runs seamlessly on all your active systems.

Database Management

Be it high-availability load balancing, discovering and repairing database malfunctions, or optimizing performance we can do it all.

Load Balancer

We take a proactive approach to keep your server running smoothly when service traffic gets high to maintain application accessibility and high availability at all times.

Centralized Configuration

This includes supporting high-density management arrays such as setting up, controlling, and maintaining expansive cloud-based structures and cloud solutions.

Code Debugging

Our professional support team can help discover and repair code errors and malfunctions to ensure site optimization and efficiency.

DR and HA Arrays

Utilizing Active/Active or Active/Passive states for maximum availability which can install and set up completely disaster recovery arrays for added peace of mind.

Continuous Integration

This means leveraging advanced cloud management tools which can automatically integrate and distribute systems under development with daily updates.

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How do Cloud Management Services Benefit me?

Here at DreamVPS our advanced technicians utilize advanced optimization and active management to keep your virtual server running smoothly. From updating your OS to discovering bugs and code errors to improving your uptime we focus on efficiency, stability, and data protection. And we offer 24/7 guidance to ensure it stays that way.

What are Monitoring Services?

Utilizing advanced software we monitor cloud computing actions and availability in real time to detect server or service issues, drops, or malfunctions. Once discovered, we take active steps to get it all reoptimized.

How Do I Know if I Need Management Services?

If your server maintains heavy functionality but you’re limited on your cloud infrastructure maintenance and support it can lead to long-term problems. Our professionals manage dynamic service with monitoring, tracing, and active site updates to prevent problems, protect data, and ensure optimal uptime, so you can focus on your business’ overall success.

Should I Use Management Services even during Software Development stages?

We strongly suggest working closely with our development and tech teams to help find issues and errors and have them corrected before, during, and after code writing is being done. Even if you haven’t purchased any of our management services, we’d be happy to give you a more in-depth answer if you want to reach out.

What is DevOps?

DevOps combines a few different elements from the coding and system programming world such as controlling CI/CD and accelerating development and product distribution. In terms of cloud environments, it can be used to support server framework operations by setting up tools, automating processes, and assisting enterprise clients who use advanced tools and require quick and advanced solutions.