About Us

Founded in 2015, DreamVPS is guided by Quality of Service (QoS) standards. As a company, our focus is making cloud services more reachable and affordable for businesses all over the world regardless of size or scope.

Through our comprehensive cloud solutions and advanced security options, we’re supporting growing ventures with innovative strategies, advanced hardware, and DevOps tech support to provide the highest infrastructure standard available.


What’s Make Us Different

Born to Serve

We offer our clients the same level of quality services that we would want to have them provide to us. This concept started when we were clients ourselves, experiencing bad services and poor technical support from few of the big cloud service providers. It helped us better understand how our clients should be treated and what level of quality they should expect. At DreamVPS we take our client experience to the next level, especially when it comes to established reliable relationships. We focus on service orientation and support backed by the best available hardware and an unbeatable service experience.

Every Dream Needs A Cloud

Every client is unique and should be appreciated as such. That’s because every client we support and utilizes our cloud services is trusting us with valuable, delicate personal and business information, software, and site content. It’s our duty to provide them with the best knowledge, reliability, and guidance to ensure their business remains successful and the people who rely on them continue to thrive.

Affordability Without Sacrifice

Over the last few years cloud services around the world began competing for the lowest price possible, which led them to find cheaper, less stable solutions. We think you deserve better. That’s why we offer a comparison calculator to show you what you’re really getting for the services you’re paying for. It will also show you that our hardware and costs are more in line with your budget needs and don’t require you to sacrifice data safety or security. More importantly, we provide the best hardware available on the market, even for the smallest tasks, because we know you need reliable cloud server performance that will drive your business to success.

Our Purpose

Putting aside excellent service and high-end virtual servers, we work hard every day to develop and improve the user’s experience. We construct a user-friendly management environment for all our cloud services which includes seamless integration between different functions. We do all this to ensure that we save our clients valuable time and resources so they can better focus on their business.


Ran Cohen

Technology Manager (CTO)

During the past decade we’ve noticed some drastic changes regarding cloud services, which has allowed them to become more dynamic than ever. As active C.T.O, my responsibility is leading DreamVPS to tomorrow's technological solutions and to develop next-gen servicing while ensuring cloud-working processes work more efficiently. More importantly, my aim is to help make virtual services management, including communication, images, containers and many more services, easier to be accessed, user-friendly, and easy to understand for businesses of all sizes.


Lee Roth


After 10 years of successful entrepreneurship, I came with one clear conclusion: every service or product, provided by myself or through the services my company provides, must contain added value for the benefit of my customers. I just won't be able to sleep at night knowing my clients are not satisfied.
We started DreamVPS with a focus on providing exceptional service, professionalism and availability for every client, no matter them being private or commercial. Given this, I expect all of my employees to act accordingly and be able to solve every single challenge our customer may encounter. Understanding that businesses are dependent on internet services, often as a main source of income, means we need to do the best job possible every time. I personally encountered the lack of personal interaction while receiving different services from a wide range of different suppliers and I’ve come to realize that businesses should always be mindful that they’re made of real people, not automated machines and services.


Edo Sabag


My name is Edo Sabag, Business Development Manager of the company DreamVPS Cloud. In the computing business, there are many operational and economic barriers. Central to this is the challenge which was presented to us during the building of our server array. In all our locations in the world, without any hesitation, the first thought was maximum performance and stability, with the ability to grow in any area our customers need cloud service. The role of the Business Development manager is beyond finding the solutions. It also involves creating team effort, the forming of ideas together, in relation to startups, serving our customers, making space and the best use of all the different platforms, and the fostering (or promoting) of shared interest. I am here to assist in overcoming every challenge and difficulty, getting past every barrier facing the DreamVPS, as well as looking to the future, our further development and prospects.


Gidi Defner


As the founder and acting head of DreamVPS’s development operations, my aim is to create tools that improve high performance, technological innovations, alongside high-end cloud infrastructure, for our clients’ benefit.
An inseparable part of my role is navigating between different DevOps to make sure our clients get the best support and to make the most out of our current opportunities. My most significant privilege is seeing our clients using the tools we have developed and being able to answer any questions or concerns they may have.