About Us

As a company, our focus is on making cloud services more reachable and affordable for businesses worldwide regardless of size or scope. We’re supporting growing ventures with innovative strategies, advanced hardware, and DevOps tech support to provide the highest infrastructure standard available.


What Makes Us Unique

Our Service

At DreamVPS, we take our client experience to the next level, especially regarding established loyal relationships. We focus on service orientation and support backed by the best available hardware and an unbeatable service experience.

Our Cloud

We provide our clients with the best knowledge, reliability, and guidance to ensure their business remains successful and the people who rely on them continue to grow.

Our Clarity

We created an intelligent calculation called ASK-VPS, based on real user answers, fill the entire questionnaire to get the virtual server that is most recommended to your business.

Our Purpose

We work hard every day to develop and improve users’ experiences. We construct a user-friendly management environment for all our cloud services, including seamless integration between different functions to save our clients valuable time and resources so they can focus on growing their business.


Ran Cohen

Technology Manager (CTO)

My responsibility is leading DreamVPS to tomorrow's technological solutions and developing next-gen servicing while ensuring cloud-working processes work more efficiently. More importantly, I aim to help make virtual services management, including communication, images, containers, and many more services, easier to be accessed, user-friendly, and easy to understand for businesses of all sizes.


Lee Roth


We focus on providing exceptional service, professionalism, and availability for every client. All of my employees accordingly and solve every challenge our customers face. However, I encountered a lack of personal interaction while receiving different services from many other suppliers.


Edo Sabag


The purpose of the Business Development manager is beyond finding the solutions. It also involves creating team effort, forming ideas about startups, serving our customers, making space and the best use of all the different platforms, and fostering (or promoting) shared interest. I am here to assist in overcoming every challenge and difficulty


Gidi Defner


My role is navigating between different DevOps to ensure our clients get the best support and make the most out of our current opportunities. My most significant privilege is seeing our clients using the tools we have developed and explaining any questions or concerns they may have.