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Hosting websites on the strongest cloud platforms with servers based on SSD NVMe storage and Intel® Xeon® Platinum CPUs.

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Leading content websites and e-commerce choose us for professional customer support services and power full performance with global deployment and maximum uptime.

Creating a VPS with one click

On the DreamVPS cloud platform you can install a wide range of CMS applications and familiar control panel systems for immediate installation without the need for manual installation.

Flexible. Powerful. Reliable. Fast - the perfect web hosting package for you!


WP Basic

Host WordPress sites starting from:

vCPU 2
50GB SSD NVMe Storage
5 TB Monthly Bandwidth
Up to 50.000 visitors a month
Up to 50 users a second
Up to 14 days of backup

50$ / month


Host all kinds of websites starting from:

vCPU 2
50GB SSD NVMe Storage
5 TB Monthly Bandwidth
Up to 50.000 visitors a month
Up to 50 users a second
Up to 14 days of backup

cPanel Admin license up to 5 websites
you can install any other panel and the price will change accordingly

72$ / month


For advanced websites starting from:

vCPU 4
100GB SSD NVMe Storage
5 TB Monthly Bandwidth
Up to 100.000 visitors a month
Up to 250 users a second
Up to 14 days of backup

cPanel Admin license up to 5 websites
you can install any other panel and the price will change accordingly

142$ / month


For advanced websites starting from:

vCPU 8
200GB SSD NVMe Storage
5 TB Monthly Bandwidth
Up to 500.000 visitors a month
Up to 500 users a second
Up to 14 days of backup

cPanel Admin license up to 5 websites
you can install any other panel and the price will change accordingly

245$ / month


For advanced websites starting from:

vCPU 16
300GB SSD NVMe Storage
5 TB Monthly Bandwidth
Up to 500.000 visitors a month
Up to 1000 users a second
Up to 14 days of backup

cPanel Admin license up to 5 websites
you can install any other panel and the price will change accordingly

497$ / month

How do you know which VPS Hosting do you need? - VPS Hosting Configurator

A smart calculator for finding the right VPS requirements for website hosting which fits the customer.


Hosting your website on the Cloud can be a confusing experience. We, at DreamVPS, tend to meet a lot of customers who don't know what requirements they need for their VPS. The only data they are familiar with is the website type, the amount of monthly visits and other estimates from which it is difficult to get the desired specifications.

Whether we talk about a VPS for hosting websites or a personal blog or hosting a news website with a million visits a month or 100 visits a second, using our calculator we created for you at DreamVPS, it will calculate the specifications for your storage volume, monthly traffic, processors, licenses and recommended plugins.

Answer the requirements and data questionnaire, which platform did you build the website on, whether it is WordPress, Joomla or a website built from scratch, the purpose of the server for reseller hosting, used for shared storage or multiple servers and a load balancer for a huge news site. If there is data that is unobtainable manually, you can access your Google Console and retrieve all the data.

Accelerated Web Hosting

DreamVPS's Cloud architecture is based on Intel® Xeon® Platinum processors that offer the most powerful processing on the market, along with the fastest disks on the market (NVMe SSDs), which are up to 7 times faster than any other array, allowing applications to start, execute and finish multiple read / write requests simultaneously, maximizing speed and latencies.

Dedicated Server Specifications

One of the most important variables hidden from the customer's eye is the allocation of physical server resources to the virtual server on which the websites are stored on. Many providers find different ways to allocate the same resources to several customers, making the customers oversale on the resources offered. We, at DreamVPS, advocate transparency and quality to our customers by deciding to not sell VPS with shared resources in order to save costs at the expense of quality.

Fast and Professional Customer Service

Websites with high levels of traffic tend to be the main source of the business's income. The knowledge component and depth of the customer support a web hosting company provides is cardinal and will greatly affect your website's performance in terms of response speed, uploading and downloading your files, like infrastructure optimization, backups, settings, and other different needs that will make a difference. You can learn more about our support on the Management Services page

High speed internet with unlimited traffic

All of our Data Centers in the world are networked with ultra-fast optic fiber, high uptime level with multiple paths to internet nodes, upload and download speeds of up to 10 GBit per second. Due to the high amount of bandwidth the customers use, we increased the amount of lines in every single Data Center. Built together with professionals, we have established a solid infrastructure to withstand any volume of traffic.

Exceptional Cloud Hosting Environment

Our Cloud environment allows full control over the virtual private servers such as turning it on or off, restarting, creating snapshots and restoring in one click or setting up a new VPS from a Snapshot, IP address management, internal network settings, console access, creating groups for your company such as: development, maintenance, management and many others. You can learn more about our support on the Management Services page.

Flexibility for scaling easily

You can easily control every component of the server and adjust it to your needs using the Server Panel. For example, whenever disk space is about to run out, we will increase only the disk space using the Server Panel, without changing anything else in the package components like other hosting providers and also maintaining a reasonable price. We can also change any other server resource easily.

Deploy Globally

DreamVPS has deployed a cloud environment on three continents in order to offer a solution for customers from all over the world. You can set up a VPS in our Data Centers located in the Netherlands (Rotterdam), the USA (New York) and Israel in just a few seconds through our cloud server pannel. For more information about our Data Centers.

Uptime and High-Availability

DreamVPS's cloud architecture is based on the three principles of removing singular failure points: cross-referencing information and alternative hardware that we trust to use when needed and detecting failures as they are happening. In other words, even during a disaster, there are always people who will take care of your website at all times.

Safely migration to DreamVPS

When transferring a website or multiple websites between web hosting providers, there is a concern that the website and its content will not migrate smoothly, information and content will be deleted. Therefore DreamVPS assigns a dedicated Cloud Expert who is responsible for the project and accompanies the customer until the end of the migration, even if it is one website or a thousand. The customers will have a team that will know how to do it and support it all the way through the migration.

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Advantages of storing on DreamVPS

There are a lot of hosting services, however in a world of website promotion and desire of maximizing its capabilities, DreamVPS built the most advanced Cloud environment in accordance with standards of uptime, flexibility and advanced performance.

Compare DreamVPS’s virtual servers, hardware and pricing to all the major cloud suppliers world-wide

In fact, our virtual services, hardware, and pricing are more competitive than all major cloud suppliers world-wide. Simply check for yourself by comparing our findings with the calculator below:

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How to choose a Web Hosting company?

The Web Hosting service market is saturated with dozens of providers; but the question is what are the important things to check before choosing or moving to a different hosting provider. We have put together the guiding principles, explaining which and what elements are important:

Advanced Control Panel

Using a different provider, if you perform simple actions such as: setting up a new server, duplicating, deleting, root accessing, backing up, creating a snapshot or changing resources, you need to open a ticket or send an email to their Customer Support.

Dedicated Hosting Support

The market of Hosting Solutions and Cloud Services consists of a wide variation of services, a world of on-going updates in terms of technology, knowledge and optimization. This is why your Hosting company needs an experienced Customer Support team that is one step ahead of everyone else.

Monitoring and Control

When a website is the main source of income for a business, it is very important to monitor and control it in real time, in order to check if the website and the virtual server resources are stable. in order to shorten the downtime duration of the website.

value for money

When considering Web Hosting Services, one should take into account the performance of the site, the quality of support, the hardware and the availability of the SLA against the suggested price. For example, a site on a server with older processors (like Intel® Xeon E-5) will consume more vCPU resources compared to powerful processors (like Intel® Xeon® Platinum), making the hosting packages cheaper with less resources.

Content Management Systems

Establishing the best content management systems (CMS) on the market from well-known WordPress to systems with dedicated uses such as Magento, which is an open source e-commerce platform, each written in a different programming language. Therefore, it's important to look for a server hosting company that specializes in the platform which the website is built on.

Cloud Data Security

Securing your website is very important! Install security plugins, SSL certificate, Cloud backup, firewall, CSP and proactively update the code in order to avoid private information leaks due to the simplest of bugs in your code. If the website gets attacked, we will restore it and make sure to direct the site builder to the problematic code.

Installing a CMS for designing websites with a click

With the click of a button you can set up or install a virtual server with the popular content management system you want or open source to choose from.

For more applications, click here

Install a website management panel with a click

With the click of a button you can set up or install a dedicated server with any management panel or Developer Tools you wish.

For more applications, click here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a VPS suitable for Web Hosting?

Of course, hosting a site on a Virtual Private Server is much more recommended especially for valuable sites that do not want 'neighbors' in the same environment. While Shared Hosting will not have to share server resources with hundreds of other sites and most importantly will not be affected by malicious activity on a different website. In addition, a Virtual Server enables high performance and dedicated traffic that are not possible in Shared Hosting.

What does 'unlimited bandwidth' mean?

Web Hosting on Web Servers consumes bandwidth (transmitting information using various internet protocols). Bandwidth is calculated by bytes. Most hosting companies are limited in bandwidth and the amount of traffic to the Cloud due to equipment on their end. At DreamVPS, we have built a Cloud Array that can increase bandwidth in any quantity for unlimited server hosting services.

Is there a charge beyond 5 terabytes of traffic per month?

Web Hosting packages come with 5 terabytes of monthly traffic, but no limit (most customers do not go through it). Exceeding 5 terabytes will be charged at extra cost, per Gbit; the charge for each of our points in the world is the same and stands at $ 0.01 per 1Gbit.

VPS Hosting vs Shared Hosting

VPS Web Hosting server has several advantages over Shared Web Hosting. No resources sharing, so all server resources are allocated only to client sites, custom server settings. Shared Hosting has a glass ceiling in terms of resources, compared to the VPS server, where the resources are flexible and can be changed immediately. In addition, each website security measurement is customized for each customer.

Is hosting a WordPress site on VPS better than Shared Hosting?

Absolutely yes, the WordPress system is not a simple code system. It is a system that consumes a lot of resources when your site is gaining a lot of traffic or when it has a server-level request load. for example, WordPress sites with updated content with many pages and images have to access the database multiple times, requiring a high resource demand. If you have a VPS, all server resources are channeled for loading. On the other hand, Shared Hosting will be much slower during the action of loading the same page.

What form of payment is accepted?

We accept the following means of payment:
- Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Diners, Isracard
- Paypal, but as a secondary option for payment; it requires a credit card as a means of security.