Full control panel with DreamVPS cloud platform

Managed Cloud services with complete Access, Control, and top Security


Cloud management platform with advanced options

With DreamVPS's platform, you can create a stable and optimized hybrid cloud environment with maximum performance.

24/7 Customer Support

A premium support team is available for you 24/7 through email, WhatsApp, and phone.

Team Management

Establish website management permissions via a user-friendly interface that lets you add or remove users seamlessly.

Install/Replace Current OS

With DreamVPS, you can Reinstall/replace operating systems without any complications.

Data Protection

Back up current data with “snapshots” that let you restore or create new services instantly to protect current site information.

Virtual Machine Management

Complete control allows you to turn servers on or off and restart them in real time with minimal effort.

IP Address Management

Save, edit, and reallocate IP addresses as needed to quickly adapt to server or location changes based on user accessibility requirements.

Console Access

With DreamVPS, you can quickly get complete control and direct KVM console control management.

ISO File Uploads

Upload ISO files through the management application and install them via the self-operating system for expanded service operations.

Advanced Scalability

Upgrade, downgrade or scale your virtual machine’s resources effortlessly to provide you with complete control over your business growth.

Tag and List Servers

Be more organized and keep everyone on the same page by tagging and listing every server in one easy-to-find location.

Action Record

Every action and change can be recorded and shown as an activity log to help you better understand who and when someone is making changes.

Affordable Server Options

With DreamVPS, clients have the option to be charged hourly to reduce their budgetary constraints.