What is (DRP) Disaster Recovery Plan?

Natural disaster strikes, malicious cyber-attacks, viruses can cause massive damage to an organization or big business. A DRP plan can prevent data loss and even establish protocols that quickly restore critical functionalities!

DRP plans can offer the ideal solution and pair it with the most rapid recovery time objectives. At DreamVPS, we provide customized programs and pricing according to your business's needs.

DreamVPS provides customized plans and pricing according to your business's needs and pairs it with the most rapid recovery time objectives available.

High-Performance DRaaS

A cloud-based Disaster Recovery environment wholly tailored to your needs to maximize survivability, minimize economic setbacks.


Website Recovery Process

Before setting any practical DR applications, our disaster recovery team will run and create a heat map for the data, dividing it by importance to form recovery protocols to execute during the event of a disaster.

Evaluation Includes:
Once the website is static, we will synchronize all files and databases to a remote server located elsewhere worldwide. Finally, we defined an intelligent DNS that can distinguish the current state and adjust if a specific backend server is unavailable.

When the website is dynamic, we ensure it can run independently at a minimum of two separate data centers. In addition, we will perform connection permissions for each API and set up a real-time data synchronization. We create high availability for SQL servers by simultaneously reading and writing from two different locations to the same database, with a master-master replication topology. We also Make an intelligent DNS for the website and custom health check on both sides, automatically redirecting between them.

Organization Recovery Process

The process of DRP includes planning, testing, and simulating different scenarios, in addition to planning and executing complete recovery strategies from each one of these said scenarios. There are many DRP plans suited to almost any scale of the disaster for small and large businesses alike. It's always better to keep it safe.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Business continuity is an inseparable service aspect, which includes reallocating shutdown dedicated resources and regularly updating configuration and software changes to ensure that servers operate in a stable state. In addition, during times of disaster, after transferring activity to the backup location, we will usually activate dedicated resources to continue working.

High Availability

When your primary source of income is grounded in technological stability, you need high service availability. That’s why we ensure your servers are not located in a single location to increase survivability and business reliability no matter what may occur.

Global Hot Site Deployment

DreamVPS provides three secure locations cloud infrastructure data centers worldwide. We provide businesses across the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.