Be prepared for any Online Emergency, Virus or Hacker

with a Trusted Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

DRaaS suits valuable websites and VMs which can't tolerate downtime, This process includes synchronizing servers worldwide in real time to avoid problems caused by natural disasters or critical malfunctions


What is DRP and How Can Business Continuity Be Guaranteed?

Organizations, business operations, business functions, large website owners, and program suppliers should all be prepared for loss of data caused by natural disaster strikes, malicious cyber-attacks, viruses, power outage or other errors. Creating a DR plan can prevent data loss and even establishes specific protocols that restore critical functionalities quickly, which can reduce the loss of income or business activity. Businesses and ventures of all sizes utilizing open-content websites, sale, and cloud- based software websites can be victim to cyber attacks without proper protection. Thus, the need for a defense mechanism rises.

DRP can offer that solution and pairs it with the most rapid recovery time objectives available. At DreamVPS, we offer custom-made plans and pricing according to your business's needs to create affordable cost effective Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

High-Performance DRaaS

Here at DreamVPS, we can set up a cloud-based Disaster Recovery environment which is completely tailored to your needs to maximize survivability, minimize economical setbacks, and protect your organizational data as much as possible.

DreamVPS DR Program Details:


Website Recovery Process

Prior to setting any practical DR applications, our disaster recovery team will run a risk analysis and create a heat map for the data, dividing it by importance in order to form recovery protocols to be executed during the event of a disaster.

Evaluation Includes:
Once the website is static, we will synchronize all files and databases to a remote server located elsewhere around the world. We’ll define a smart DNS which can distinguish the current state and adjust itself if a certain backend server is unavailable.

When the website is dynamic we’ll ensure it can run independently at a minimum of two separate data centers. In addition, we will perform connection permissions for each API and set up a real-time data synchronization. We’ll also create high availability for SQL servers by simultaneously reading and writing from two different locations to the same database, with a ‘master-master’ replication topology. Then we create a smart DNS for the website and a custom health check that indicates the website's health on both sides, automatically redirecting between them.

Organization Recovery Process

The procedure of DRP includes planning, testing, and simulating different scenarios, in addition to planning and executing complete recovery strategies from each one of these said scenarios.
There are many DRP plans, suited to almost any scale of disaster, for small and large businesses alike. It's always better to keep it safe.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Business continuity is an inseparable aspect of the service, which includes reallocating shutdown dedicated resources. This means regularly updating configuration and software changes to ensure servers operate at a regular state. During times of disaster, after transferring activity to the backup location, we will activate dedicated resources in order to continue working normally.

High Availability

When your main source of income is grounded in technological stability, you need high service availability. That’s why we ensure your servers are not located in and reliant on a single location to increase survivability and business reliability no matter what may occur.

Global Hot Site Deployment

DreamVPS currently provides a cloud infrastructure at three data centers worldwide. This provides businesses all across the United States, Europe, and Middle East with stable, secure locations they can rely on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there an hourly charge for a shut-down server used for DR?

At the server management system you can choose an hourly or monthly charge at the ‘create new server’ section.

Which payment methods are available?

We currently accept Visa and MasterCard. We also accept PayPal as a secondary payment method.

Can DR be established on physical servers (on site)?

Yes, if certain conditions are met DR can be performed between physical and virtual cloud servers using Nested Virtualization. For further information and solutions please contact us or leave your contact details so we can create a custom solution.

What is the difference between your DRaaS service and other similar services provided by other suppliers?

A few important differences make us the preferable option for your business:

- We utilize offline virtual servers, so only the Database updates in real time. This helps save on resources and costs.
- We focus on cloud computing which is based on state-of-the-art hardware.
- Global deployment DR environments are located in different continents, so businesses get back up to speed during or after disasters.
- We provide more advanced, affordable cloud data security compared to other solutions.

How traffic is charged?

Once you’ve gone over your data plan we charge per GB which holds the same price worldwide—0.01$ per GB.