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We want to ensure our clients are getting the maximum value possible which is why created a customer-focused study that compares leading cloud service providers all over the world based on cloud computing services, hardware, configurations, and interface quality and compares them up with our DreamVPS virtual machine.


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The comparison is based on dedicated resources and not on micro-cores or shared cores.

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Compare build specifications

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The comparison is based on dedicated resources and not on micro-cores or shared cores.

Cloud Architecture Comparing Factors

We have compared different cloud solutions based on hardware and software, management interface tests and comparative pricing based on every virtual server package. Hardware tests examined two critical factors when dealing with VPS servers including process type and quality as well as the cloud storage array and type of hard drive used.

Intel Xeon Platinum Processors

The Intel Xeon Platinum processors family was first revealed in May 2017 to replace the Xeon E5 and E7 series. It provides far better performance and flexibility than any other Xeon processor thus far, placing it even higher than the Xeon Silver/Gold that were presented as flag ships at the time. The Xeon Platinum series is the next Gold Skylake-SP gen which has been designed to provide superior performance with lower power consumption. A few features were significantly improved compared to the Gold series, including:

  • Turbo Boost 2.0 Technology
  • Hyper-Threading
  • Improved Memory Support of 6 DDR4 channels to 2933 MHz
  • Virtual Servers up to 96 cores
  • 2.90 GHz frequency
  • Intel® Resource Director Technology

The Platinum series also includes every feature available with the Gold series to help improve the next generation of dedicated server and cloud computing.

The second generation of Xeon Platinum processors, first presented in 2019, were manufactured with an improved 14 nm (nanometer) based on the micro-architecture of Cascade-Lake, which allows higher speeds. Furthermore, hardware improvements added extra protection against security malfunctions with better machine learning processing.


SSD NVMe Storage Array

DreamVPS utilizes state of the art technologies in order to provide the best cloud performances possible, which is why we rely on NAS storage servers based on NVMe technology.

NVMe is designed specifically for SSD hard drives which connect directly to the PCIe channel. As a result, reading/writing speeds were significantly improved (up to 6 times as much) and latency has been decreased (7 times faster), compared to SSD drives that use old SAS or SATA connectors. What’s more, NVMe offers cheaper maintenance costs, better power consumption, and longer drive lives.

Systems based on NVMe optimizes performance for every specific application or software that uses I/O commands promptly. For example, data mining systems, real time transactions, and database applications. These are features that weren’t previously possible using SAS3 or SATA3 connections.

Here’s a table showing reading/writing actions comparing regular SSD drive and NVMe.

MeasurementNVMe SSDSATA3/SAS3 SSDNVMe Improvement
Bandwidth vs. SATA3128K Sequential Read 22788.77 MB/s470.60 MB/s5.93x
128K Sequential Writee 1838.98 MB/s453.33 MB/s4.06x
Bandwidth vs. SAS3128K Sequential Read2788.77 MB/s980.34 MB/s2.84x
128K Sequential Write1838.98 MB/s421.25 MB/s4.37x
Latency vs. SATA34K Sequential Read15.9 µs47.3 µs2.97x
4K Sequential Write 17.6 µs51.4 µs2.92x
Latency vs. SAS34K Sequential Read 15.9 µs114.1 µs7.18x
4K Sequential Write 17.6 µs109.853 µs6.24x

Advanced Management Interface

Choosing the right cloud system hardware is a vital step when choosing cloud service providers, especially when you need organized VPS solutions that measure and execute heavy tasks automatically. That’s why we developed a user-friendly system to manage cloud infrastructure, so our clients can build, monitor, and receive live data.

Administrative Features

DreamVPS’s cloud management tools also make the administrative side far simpler. The account can manage multiple servers on different data centers including creating a server or a private cloud, or duplicating, restoring, or changing VPS plans with different resources, all the while ensuring real-time customer and ticket status.

Team Management

Manage your staff by controlling permissions and tagging servers in order to prevent security issues between different organizational branches. Your cloud environment can be tagged and changed and you can also give specific permissions to employees who need access to the management panel.



Servers are monitored and drawn to a resources consumption graph as soon as they are made in order to track normal and abnormal usage. This graph shows different statistics to help clients learn about servers, activities, and future resource planning.


Hybrid Cloud and Resource Flexibility

Various cloud services change according to the clients’ demands in real time. By configuring servers and services depending on the client’s needs and requirements, data and resources provide a more accurate long-term picture.


Backup Snapshots

Taking snapshots and backing up data at specific set time points for every server better prepares your business in the event of any major changes that may cause the system to malfunction. These let you return to the exact moment when the snapshot was taken, prior to the change.


Full Control

We provide options to turn power on or off, restart servers, change passwords, and even create unique server tags to identify a specific machine or a group of machines. This includes cloning, deleting, and other options within our control panel.


Console Access

Enjoy direct KVM access to the network console for full root access and control, install an operating system independently, or use commands offline at any time there is ongoing maintenance.


Personal ISO File Uploads

We provide KVM direct access to the server’s console for complete control and to ensure more effective real-time solutions.

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Why is the type of processor so important when choosing a cloud provider?

The vps and compute service consists of a fabric of hundreds of physical servers that make up a reliable cloud, the nature of the processors determines the computing power and performance on the service experience levels and there are important physical benefits such as power saving, security hardening, hardware survivability and reduced processor I / O load.

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What are Cloud Computing Management Services?

Virtual server management means our senior support team will configure and optimize the server, support operating system updates, debug and offer code debugging solutions for the client so he does not interfere with it, we will. The ongoing handling of the server is our responsibility and gives the client more time to engage in his business with less thought of technical care. We can be contacted at any time with any questions and concerns and we are here to solve, assist and guide.

Does Hardware Affect DreamVPS Web Hosting?

The answer is yes. Nowadays one of the most important elements for a publisher when it comes to cloud infrastructure is the processing power and the speed of the response to multiple browsing together. This is where DreamVPS hardware comes into the picture, proving superiority with Intel® Xeon Platinum processors and SSD NVMe Storage services over the rest of the market.