Cloud Computing Services Designed to Optimize Performance

Advanced cloud infrastructure development and management utilizing an Intel® Xeon® Platinum processor and SSD NVMe storage virtual server.

Pricing Structure

Simple and predictable compute pricing

Custom the VM for your Needs

cloud architecture performs 7x faster than traditional arrays thanks to a smarter replicative storage array, which helps extra-large capacity virtual servers run with maximum efficiency

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Managed hosting
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We believe in full transparency and optimal client support, which is why our clients get dedicated resources without sharing them with others. This helps reduce costs and improves stability for better support of your individual needs

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Compare DreamVPS’s virtual servers, hardware and pricing to all the major cloud suppliers world-wide

In fact, our virtual services, hardware, and pricing are more competitive than all major cloud suppliers world-wide. Simply check for yourself by comparing our findings with the calculator below:

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Leveraging a Smarter, Hybrid Cloud Environment

DreamVPS Server Array Features

designed cloud environment maximizing durability without compromising scaling or computing performance. ensure better data storage protection with multiple failsafe structures in place to reduce downtime or user accessibility failure

SSD NVMe Disk Based Storage Arrays

Up to 7x faster reading and writing capabilities than any other cloud storage array on the market. That means 2.5 GB/sec to ensure optimal efficiency.

Intel® Xeon® Platinum Processors

Computing power is backed by a core speed of 2.9 GHz, with up to 96 cores for virtual servers. We make sites and content more accessible than ever before!

Designated cloud Resources

Unlike some other cloud providers that oversell hardware resources with other clients, you’ll receive a dedicated service with its own hardware resources.

Internet Connections

By offering upload and download speeds of up to 10 Gb/sec, we want users to be able to access data faster and more effectively for true connectivity.

Internal Network

Utilizing a 40 Gbps Mellanox we give you and your staff more support when they’re trying to increase their workflow and data transfer.

Worldwide Availability

We utilize data centers in the USA, Netherlands and the Middle East to provide global coverage to our clients. This means access data when and where you want in real time.

Maximum Redundancy

Virtual server replication allows for constant high availability with improved data storage protection which can impact uptime and site accessibility.

Full KVM Access

Fully manage your virtual service any time and from anywhere with full KVM access that further enhances your control over your server.

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Advanced API

Complete with fully automatic service management and restriction control our API provides a more customized approach to service support.


Real-Time Monitoring

We take a more proactive approach to server and resource management by monitoring activity in real time for improved stability.


Internal Communication Management

Developing and managing VLANS more effectively can help streamline overall server communication and optimize workflow.


Team Management

We give leaders more control over their staff members and teams with a user-friendly management interface that allows permissions for each sub user.



Designed to help create restore points and protect data before an issue arises our server “snapshots” can help create/restore new servers off an old one.


Universal Control

full control on server activities and commands, bulk actions and more cool features


Console Access

Our services allow you to maintain more direct control over your server, complete with direct KVM access, so you can cloud-compute with confidence.


Improved Affordability

Unlike all-or-nothing plans, we allow inactive virtual machines to be charged hourly to help you save money and to reduce your budget constraints.


ISO File Upload with Custom Installation

DreamVPS cloud computing allows you to load ISO files directly through the management interface with complete self-operating system installation.

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Most User-Friendly Cloud Platform

more control over all private and public cloud services and computing environment volumes at any given time by leveraging DreamVPS’s advanced cloud environment

One-Click App Installation

With the click of a button you will save time and install any app you want.

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Operating Systems

range of operating systems allow end-users to install, upload, or manage OS without sacrificing stability or effectiveness


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Set Up a Virtual Server?

utilize an easy 3-step process to help you get started.

- Create an Account with the DreamVPS Cloud Services System
- Click the New Server Creation Button 'create server'
- Select the Desired Location and configuration for a Virtual Server. You redeay to deploy

You may also call us directly and we’ll help guide you and deploy it in real time.

Is There an Hourly Charge?

In the cloud management platform you can select the “Create a New Server” payment method on an hourly or monthly basis.

Do You Charge for a Virtual Server that’s been Turned Off?

Yes, but at an hourly rate. Any inactive virtual server is charged only for resources consumed, such disk space and traffic usage according to actual usage per gigabyte.

What are the accepted payment forms?

We currently accept the following payment methods:,Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Diners, Maestro and PayPal (backed by a credit card).

What is the Difference Between a Physical Server and a Cloud based Virtual Machine?

There are some important differences for business owners who would prefer to move their business to the cloud using a virtual machine, including: Reducing IT maintenance costs including staff, hardware and software. Improved scalability and flexibility with seamless integration. Advanced computing performance and business efficiency. Enhanced backup protection with multiple storage options. Cost-effective information and data security without limiting functionality.

How are Traffic Charges Calculated?

Exceptional traffic usage will be charged per GB over the included traffic. All points in the world have the same rate of $0.1 per GB.

Is the VPS also Suitable for Web Hosting?

Of course! Website hosting on a virtual server is especially recommended for valuable sites that do not want to share server resources with hundreds of other sites. This is important for protecting your data while enabling high performance and maintain traffic stability.