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Integrating WordPress With Facebook

Integrating WordPress With Facebook
Integrating WordPress With Facebook
Despite competition, Facebook has managed to be the king of social media platforms. When you are running a WordPress blog or website, it becomes critical to integrate it with Facebook in order to increase the number of visitors to your WordPress blog or site. Social media platforms play a huge role in the success of your website. WordPress understands this and, therefore, you are provided with a number of ways through which you can integrate your Facebook profile with the WordPress site. In this tutorial we will teach you how to integrate Facebook with your WordPress account using five different ways.

Use Facebook reactions in your WordPress posts

A few years ago, Facebook reactions were added to Facebook. What are Facebook reactions?
Use Facebook reactions in your WordPress posts
Use Facebook reactions in your WordPress posts
These are nothing but a set of emoticons that allow users to express their emotions about a particular post. Most of the time, the readers may not have enough time to jot down comments; Facebook reactions allow them to express themselves just by a click of emoticons. As it is an effortless way of showing your expression, it becomes more necessary to include it in your posts. The WordPress has ‘DW Reaction’ plugin that inserts a reaction system in the WordPress posts. The design of DW Reaction plugin is similar to the original Facebook reaction emoticons in that users can choose six of the following emoticons to express themselves: love, like, surprised, laugh, angry, and sad. Aside from that, the plugin also provides information about the number of reactions that you have received with the details of the emoticons that the readers have chosen.

Show the popularity of the post by displaying page feeds

If you want to prove to the readers that your WordPress website is updated every day, it is best to include a Facebook page feed on the site. That way, whenever a user visits your site, they will be greeted with the latest Facebook page feed that will make them feel that the website is regularly updated. You can add the Facebook page feed as both a page and a widget to share a particular feed. Facebook page feed not only enhances your site but also allows you to increase the popularity of your Facebook profile which can be liked instantly by the readers who read the Facebook page feed. You can increase the number of likes in both WordPress and Facebook without being pushy by displaying the Facebook page feed. ‘Facebook Feed WD Plugin’ is the best plugin to show the page feeds of your page, profile and public group. All the feeds in the plugin will be automatically refreshed and, therefore, once you add this plugin to the site, you no longer need to do anything else.

Allow the users to use their Facebook profiles to log in to your website

The most irritating thing that a user can experience being required to enter a ton of information for using a website. Creating a new account or manually inserting the user id and the password every time they need to log in to your site can be quite irritating. However, many are always logged in to their Facebook account and, for this reason, you should allow the users of your website to connect to your site by using their Facebook profile. The only thing that a user needs to do when you allow them to use their Facebook account is to authorize access to their Facebook profile for gaining the entry. This saves both time and the effort on the part of the user. In this way, it can guarantee a regular supply of new users to your website. You can use the Facebook Login plugin to provide this service to the visitors of your site. However, before using this plugin, you will need to get a Facebook App ID for the Facebook profile of your website.

Include a Facebook Like widget

Everyone knows about the Facebook ‘like’ service; it is one of the oldest ways of showing that you like a particular post on Facebook. Isn’t it effortless? All the user needs to do is hit a ‘like’ button to demonstrate that they like the post. This again eradicates the use of the comment box to show how you feel about the post. The Facebook ‘like’ widget can easily increase the number of engagements on a post. The greater the number of likes in a particular post, the greater is the number of readers who will be attracted to that post. Though there are many widgets in WordPress site that provide this service, the ‘Facebook Like Box’ plugin is the best among them.

Display Facebook comment in your WordPress website

Both Facebook and WordPress allow the users to comment on a particular post, however, the Facebook comment system has a distinct advantage over WordPress when we talk about comments. This is because WordPress asks you information about your WordPress account before commenting which can become irritating. When you introduce the Facebook comment feature onto the website, you need to do nothing except for logging in to your Facebook account to comment. Also, you automatically get the ‘Like’ function in the plugin when someone is commenting on your posts by using Facebook. Facebook comments can trigger a discussion in the comment box, which can be participated by everyone. The ‘Facebook Comments’ WordPress plugin can be embedded into your website for serving this purpose. The widget also provides some customizations to enhance its beauty.

Wrap Up

Integrating WordPress with Facebook enhances the user interface in your site. It allows users not only to read but also to interact with other readers to show how they feel about the content displayed on the site. It is the perfect way of building your followers on both Facebook and the WordPress account.
Updated on 19 Aug 2017
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