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Manual Installation of PHP Software

Manual Installation of PHP Software
Manual Installation of PHP Software

In this tutorial we’ll show you how you can manually install a PHP application on your website,

Here are the prerequisites for this tutorial:

  • FTP Access
  • An available MySQL Database
  • And of course the php software you’d like to install

Creating the MySQL Database

  1. Log into cPanel with the username and password you’ve received from us
  2. Navigate to “MySQL Databases” and make a new database
  3. Right under the place you made the database, create a new user and password
  4. Below where you made the user, you are going to see two dropdown boxes, one of them is with the user and the other is with the database name. Add that user to the database, and give it all the permissions.

Uploading the files

Open up the FTP client and log onto your FTP server.

Navigate to the folder on your computer which has every file for the php program you’re attempting to install. Upload them onto your website. If you’d like the php program to be the main application on your site, you’ll publish directly into the public_html folder. Otherwise, make a subfolder inside the public_html and upload the files into it.

Running the installation

Usually when you are accessing the installation folder directly in your web browser, it’s going to lead you to the install page, otherwise you’ll have to refer to the documentation or README file for the location.

A lot of the installations are self explanatory and configure automatically. Either way, you’ll need to give the following database information:

Hostname: localhost
db name: tester5_php1 (as you created in step 1)
db username: tester5_admin (as you created in step 1)
password: whatever password you created for the user in the database

You might alsobe prompted to specify Administrative login information. This information is not in any way related to your cPanel, however it is the information you’ll require so you can log in to the software’s administrative control panel.

After the installation is complete, you might be warned to remove the installation directories, this is a good idea for security purposes. Newer software versions may stop you from logging in until you have done so.

Log in

Since you’ve got the software installed, it will give you a link to log in to the administrative control panel. This is where you’ll proceed to develop this part of your website.


Updated on March 1, 2018

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