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Ionic Tutorial – Series 2/3

Ionic App Building
Ionic App Building

Since you now have Ionic and its dependencies installed, you may build your first app, this section will guide you through the procedure of starting a new application, along with adding pages and navigating between these pages, and more.

How to Start a New Ionic App.

To start a new app, go over to your command line and execute the following command:

ionic start MyIonicProject tutorial

start is going to tell the CLI to create a new app.

MyIonicProject should be the directory name as well as the app name from your project.

Tutorial will be the template starter for the project.

In case the tutorial template is not something you would like to use, Ionic has several templates available:

Tabs: A simple 3 tab layout

Sidemenu: A layout with a swipable menu on the side

Blank: A bare starter with a single page.

Super: A starter project which has over 14 ready to use page designs.

Tutorial: A guided starter project.

If you won’t specify a template by running Ionic start MyIonicProject, the tabs template is the one that will be used.

Viewing the app in a browser

Next you may cd into the folder which got created, And in order to retrieve a quick preview of the app in the browser, use the serve command.

cd MyIonicProject/

ionic serve

And now you will see the welcome page if everything has installed properly.

Feel free to proceed to the next part of the tutorial here:

Ionic Tutorial – Series 3/3

Updated on March 15, 2018

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