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How to delete a WordPress theme

How to delete a WordPress Theme
How to delete a WordPress Theme

It isn’t really common, but at times you might want to remove a WordPress theme. For example, if you were editing a theme manually and have to revert back to the unedited theme, then you  may delete the modified theme and then reinstall the theme as you originally did.

Deleting a WordPress Theme

With the following steps you can delete a WordPress theme:

Step 1: Begin by logging to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2: Navigate to Appearance and then themes.

Step 3: If the theme you want to remove is already in use, simply activate a different theme

Step 4: After the theme you want to delete is not activated, look for it and click on Delete.

You might receive a pop up message which requests you to verify that you’d like to remove the them. If you receive this, simply press on OK.

You should then get a confirmation which says your theme was deleted.

This is all you need to know about deleting a WordPress theme!


Updated on March 1, 2018

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