How to Restore a full website cPanel Backup to VPS
Backup restoration is a very important task each server administrator must know how to do; with the use of cPanel, it is really easy to restore a full backup of one account. I have talked a... (more)
25 Aug 2018
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Speed up VestaCP on CentOS 7
Let's Learn  how to Speed up VestaCP on CentOS 7. Vesta Control Panel is an open source hosting control panel that is simple and easy to use. The interface is clean and simple with lots of ... (more)
06 Mar 2018
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Accessing cPanel/WHM without a Password
Login cPanel/WHM without a Password cPanel is the most commonly used panel for Linux servers and allows users to control their server with an easy-to-use interface. The Web Host Manager (WHM)... (more)
05 Mar 2018
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How to install Ioncube loader on cPanel servers
To start, you must decide if you want IonCube installed for your cPanel/WHM scripts or for your Apache/PHP scripts. It is pretty easy to find out if you require IonCube; the main use of IonC... (more)
09 Feb 2018
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Preventing the "Index Of" listing page using the Index Manager
If you are building a website, it is important that you have a proper structure; this includes an index page in every folder which is a basic step in both design and security. By default, w... (more)
05 Feb 2018
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How to Create Subdomain in cPanel
A New Day! let's learn how to create subdomain in cPanel. In cPanel, you should have the option to create what is called a subdomain; a subdomain works separately from your main doma... (more)
05 Feb 2018
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How to find Server name cPanel
In the following tutorial, we are going to teach you how you can find server name cPanel. The server name is for the actual server which hosts your website files, it is good to know at times... (more)
05 Feb 2018
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Installing and Configuring Monit
About Monit Monit is a useful program which automatically monitors and manages server programs to make sure that they do not just stay online consistently; it also checks that the file size, checksum... (more)
02 Nov 2017
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Installing Webmin on Ubuntu
About Webmin Webmin is a web-based interface for system administration for Unix. With any modern web browser you will be able to setup user accounts, Apache, DNS, file sharing, and more. Webmin will... (more)
15 Oct 2017
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Install and configure nginx and PHP-FastCGI on Ubuntu 16.04
Install nginx, PHP for Processing, and Required Packages Start by installing the nginx web server and PHP dependencies with the command below. $ sudo apt-get install nginx php7.0-cli php7.0-cgi php7.... (more)
08 Aug 2017
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