How to Change SSH Port on Linux VPS

  Introduction In order to properly secure your VPS, you may want to change the default SSH port. Note that, after you begin using a non-default port, every connection to the default port w...(more)
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05 Mar 2018

How to Use Wget Command

 In this guide we are going to show you how you can use the wget command in Linux, we will also give you 12 useful wget commands. In the end, you will have knowledge of every wget command...(more)
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05 Mar 2018

Installing and configuring VNC for Ubuntu 14.04

Introduction to VNC VNC or ‘Virtual Network Computing’ is a connection system that allows you to use your keyboard and mouse to interact with a graphical desktop environment on a remote server. ...(more)
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17 Oct 2017

Setting up SSH Keys

SSH Keys and their role SSH keys allow a more secure path of logging into a VPS (Virtual Private Server) with SSH as opposed to using a password alone.However, a password can eventually be easil...(more)
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03 Oct 2017

Initial Server Setup for Ubuntu

Introduction to A Ubuntu 14.04 Server When creating your first Ubuntu 14.04 VPS, you will need to do a couple of configuration steps early as part of the setup.This will provide an improvement in ...(more)
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03 Oct 2017

How To Setup SSH Keys

SSH keys Setup SSH Keys are handy in that they allow the user to log into to a system without using a password. This, in turn, provides a highly secure way of logging into a virtual private server wi...(more)
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05 Aug 2017

Measures to use in protecting your Server

In today’s modern digital world, security threats pertaining to applications, servers, and networks are increasing day by day. No matter how well a server or network is configured, it is useless i...(more)
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01 Aug 2017