Setup Nginx-RTMP on CentOS 7

RTMP is great for serving live content. When RTMP is paired with FFmpeg, streams can be converted into various qualities. Vultr is great for these applications as they provide fast and dedicated CPU p...(more)
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28 Aug 2018

Configure Magento 2 to use Varnish on CentOS 7

Page Speed and Load Time Want to learn how to install Magento 2 to use Varnish CentOS, Let's have detailed tutorial below;Page speed and load time are extremely important to the success of yo...(more)
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11 Aug 2018

How to enable GZIP compression in Nginx

Introduction Let's Learn how to enable GZIP compression in Nginx.  It is important to optimize your website to ensure that it is as fast as possible; website load time has a big impact on user exper...(more)
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03 Mar 2018

How To Install Nginx on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

About Nginx Nginx is one of the most popular web servers in the world and is also responsible for hosting several of the biggest, highest traffic sites on the internet. It is a lot more resource-frie...(more)
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01 Jan 2018

Installing Nginx + HLS on Ubuntu 16.04

Nginx is currently one of the most popular web servers in the entire world and a lot of the largest and highest traffic sites on the internet use it. It is resource-friendly in comparison to Apach...(more)
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11 Dec 2017

How to optimize your Nginx configuration

Introduction Nginx Nginx is lightweight and fast, a replacement to the sometimes overbearing Apache 2. Nginx, the same as any kind of server or software, still needs to be tuned to help achieve an...(more)
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28 Nov 2017