Implementing SendGrid with Exim on cPanel

 Causing your cPanel to send from a third-party mail server is pretty simple to do. If you know the basics of how cPanel builds its Exim configs. You won’t have to modify your exim.conf...(more)
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05 Mar 2018

How to Clean the Mail Queue in Exim

 Exim is a free and versatile mail transfer agent (MTA) which was ported to many Unix-like systems and is the default for several Linux distributions, the most common of which is the Debi...(more)
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03 Mar 2018

535 incorrect authentication

In this tutorial we will teach you how to see incorrect mail login attempts that were causing 535 incorrect authentication errors in the Exam mail log on your VPS or dedicated server.Since your se...(more)
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02 Feb 2018