Implementing SendGrid with Exim on cPanel

 Causing your cPanel to send from a third-party mail server is pretty simple to do. If you know the basics of how cPanel builds its Exim configs. You won’t have to modify your exim.conf...(more)
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05 Mar 2018

How to install Ioncube loader on cPanel servers

 To start, you must decide if you want IonCube installed for your cPanel/WHM scripts or for your Apache/PHP scripts. It is pretty easy to find out if you require IonCube; the main use of ...(more)
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09 Feb 2018

How to Create Subdomain in cPanel

  A New Day! let's learn how to create subdomain in cPanel. In cPanel, you should have the option to create what is called a subdomain; a subdomain works separately from your mai...(more)
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05 Feb 2018

How to find Server name cPanel

 In the following tutorial, we are going to teach you how you can find server name cPanel. The server name is for the actual server which hosts your website files, it is good to know at t...(more)
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05 Feb 2018

How to Park a Domain in cPanel

 Parked domains are used to point the new domain name to another domain. For example: if you would like ‘' and' to present the same website, all you need to do is s...(more)
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04 Feb 2018

How to Install WordPress Manually

Manually Installing WordPress If you are unable to use Softaculous to install WordPress, you can install WordPress manually by downloading the files and uploading them to your server.In this tutori...(more)
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04 Feb 2018