There are lot of questions to be asked regarding developer and sysadmin requirements, which is why we’ve gathered a list of community questions to help and support our community members.

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Do you know any tools for monitoring services?
Do you have any guides or articles on great free open source monitoring tools?... (more)
06 Aug 2018
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How to setup static ip on ubuntu 18.04?
Do you have any guide on how to setup the network connection on ubuntu 18.04? it looks very different.... (more)
06 Aug 2018
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Do you have any suggestion on mysql optimization?
I want to know if there are any good ways to optimize mysql to the best performance possible on the existing hardware it's installed on.... (more)
06 Aug 2018
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How can I setup WordPress rewrite on Nginx?
Do you have a guide on how to create the rewrite rules needed to operate a WordPress site pretty links?... (more)
06 Aug 2018
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How can I optimize website server using Engintron?
Do you have any more specific recommendations and settings for speeding up a website using Engintron?... (more)
05 Aug 2018
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