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Welcome to our FAQ and Help Center

We have gathered for you all the frequently asked questions for your convenience ,

Click on the question you would like to know the answer to , you are welcome to contact us at any time 24/7 , for maximum efficiency you can submit a ticket via this link .

You can also call us at any time using the following international

support line at New York : (+1)8452031154

Or by email at support@www.dreamvps.com.

How do I create my own customized VPS?

Click the following link and choose the configuration that suits your needs, after completing the payment, the server will be pending an automatic setup , once the setup is completed an email will be sent to you with all the details of the server.

How do I reset my root password in case I forgot it ?

In the Client Area of the website, you can click Services and then Manage My VPS  and the click on the function side bar button called Reset root password.

How can I control my server?

You can control your server functionality using out client area page , click Services and then Manage My VPS , there you can see a sidebar with all the functions such as reboot ,reset root password , shut down etc….

What is a snapshot and how do i use it?

A snapshot is a temporary backup which is very helpful for the situation that you want to change something , and you are unsure of it’s consequences , if something went wrong you can go back to the last snapshot in seconds and restore your server to full activity just like before the change.

How can I upgrade my server?

You can access Manage My VPS page and on the sidebar menu click the Manage Product button on the VPS you would like to upgrade , and then click on Upgrade/Downgrade Options button.

How do I set up rDNS (PTR) ?

You can open a support ticket asking for a rDNS name using the structure of a domain/subdomain like the following example:  sub.example.com – xx.xx.xx.xx , where the xx are the full IP address of your VPS .

What kind of payment types do you accept?

We accept one of the following payment types: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners cards.

I still have questions?

You can always contact us by any means that suits you.