Reliable Cloud Backup

Cloud backup services or remote backup is a cybersecurity strategy done by storing a complete file copy at a remote secondary location to be used as another security measure to protect sensitive business, ventures, or corporate sensitive data. It safeguards against system failures, physical damage, natural disasters, or by ransom viruses who force a one-way data encryption. DreamVPS offers several data backup and restoration solutions to protect our clients against data loss or harassment.

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How Cloud Backup Solutions Works

Your data is securely transferred to remote data centers designed to provide a secure secondary location that backs up information and can be used to restore data at a moment’s notice. This backed-up data is accessible through our software or applications and is completely compatible with most available operating systems today. It even features automatic site and data backups with categorize and restore options.

Safe, Secure, and Stable Cloud Backup

Here at DreamVPS, we’re focused on providing backup services that can store tremendous amounts of data and content with advanced securities and protections. This ensures that no matter what happens, your data and your business is better protected.

Maximum Survivability Architecture

Our cloud backup infrastructure is built on a storage array rooted in a network raid, which allows files to be duplicated, divided, and protected many times between different arrays. This helps ensure maximum data accessibility and survivability that goes far beyond any physical media or external hard drive.

Ahsay – Cloud Backup for Businesses

https://www.Utilizing Ahsay software we can completely backup files, folders, and data with cloud storage space which allows for a more advanced user experience and combines seamlessly with a user-friendly interface. Ahsay ACB for PC allows mostly everyday backup services and also features shadow copying (backing up files while they are open and being edited) to continually provide added protection. We also offer Ahsay OBM, a more advanced solution for servers and high-end services, which utilizes a wide range of application backups, virtual servers, and bare metal backup and recovery which updates on a daily basis. In addition, file transfer is key encrypted so that the data transferred to the cloud won't be accessible to a third party. Data will only be accessible by entering the key formed at the same time of creating the back up.

Storage Capacity Flexibility

Cloud storage and backup services offer a no file size limit during uploading which provides maximum flexibility regarding storage volumes. We even offer scalability upgrade or downgrade storage options which can be changed at any given time. Additionaly, our cloud service offers extra-large storage capacities up to 500 TB’s at low rates, so you can worry less about deleting old backups or “freeing up space”.


Software Modules and Extensions



Offering cloud storage with virtual machines, replications, redirector machines, and more; this is a smart solution for those looking to add flexibility to their business.


AhsayOBM (Online Backup Manager)

Cloud storage for businesses controlled by an all-around backup application stays better protected 24/7 from loss of data caused by viruses, natural disasters, and more.


Mailbox Exchange License Backup

An Ahsay OBM backup service module is used to backup and restore emails, calendars, and contacts with specific Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes.


Office 365 Backup License

An Ahsay OBM backup service module is used to backup and restore emails, calendars, and contacts with specific Office 365 mailboxes.


VMware GVM Backup License

An Ahsay OBM backup service module is used to backup and restores versions of VMware ESXI virtual machines, servers and workstations, and additional ESXI servers through VMware vCenter.


Hyper-V GVM Backup License

An Ahsay OBM backup service module is used to backup and protect virtual machine Hyper-V or Hyper-V Clusters.


AhsayACB A-Click Backup

This is a user-friendly backup app used by most businesses and managed service providers around the world for backing up PCs and laptops.


AhsayMOB Mobile Backup App for iOS & Android

A mobile backup and restore application for iOS and Android, this is used with Ahsay CBS, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Multiple Data Backup Locations Available?

Yes. Speak with one of our representatives to backup all or some files at multiple global data centers.

Can Backed-Up Data Be Accessed from Anywhere?

You have easy access to your data from anywhere in the world by securely logging in with your provided username and password through our backup portal.

Can I Backup an Endless Number of Computers?

Each backup user is restricted to one phone/computer/server per backup.