IRONSCALES – An Active Anti-Phishing Platform

Email phishing has become a problem that goes far beyond personal digital theft. In fact, it’s affecting businesses all over the world because employees are trying to quickly respond to customer or client needs and opening suspicious emails that can have a negative affect on your overall financial stability. That’s why it’s vital to prevent phishing attacks and protect your employees and organization with IRONSCALES, an anti-phishing platform that utilizes AI-based algorithms to automatically detect and neutralize malicious mail and blocks them without disabling access to your mail.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Phishing?

Email phishing scams occur when someone poses as a well-known organization or business and lures a specific user to press certain links. Often persuasive, phishing can lead to theft of personal information, credit card details, accounts, passwords, and more which is detrimental to people and businesses.

Who Needs Anti-Phishing Measures?

Everyone and especially businesses. IronScales is an anti-phishing software developed for small and large enterprises and organizations who rely on intra-organizational communication, bookkeeping, orders, and services as well as external communication such as emails and transactions with customers, distributors, or suppliers.

Which Email Providers are Supported by IRONSCALES?

The platform is currently compatible with Microsoft 365 and Google G-Suite accounts.

Where Can I Find Information About Plans and Pricing?

You can learn all about available programs on our system management section.