Exclusive Affiliate Program

Join our select group of hosting affiliates and create sustainable monthly income that can increase your short- and long-term financial stability.


Cloud-Based Marketing Options

DreamVPS cloud service management systems allow you to further enhance your revenue streams through affiliate marketing. We do this by giving you the option to utilize referral links and marketing materials while still maintaining full control over your virtual servers, WP hosting, backup storage services, and other supported activities.


How does our affiliate marketing program work?

While standard affiliate markets usually reach out through content websites, mailing lists, networks, and social media through referral links owned by the publisher, our system enables up to 90 days of cookie tracking that creates a direct yield.

Create Sustainable Income

Here at DreamVPS we believe in helping our clients succeed well beyond the cloud, which is why we offer client recruiting affiliate services that last up to 36 months. In other words, this helps us distribute information about our cloud services and you could get rewarded big time. This includes:

Passive 10% Yield from Each Client You Refer

Continual and Sustainable Financial Growth


Quick snapshot:

If you joinnew clients per month, calculated for an average income on our virtual server configuration,
your passive yield after 12 months will be

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Should I Publish DreamVPS Links?

Here at DreamVPS we understand how valuable it is to create sustainable income. That’s why we stand behind our products, services, and clients by providing real-time support and direction when you need it most.

What is the Average Lifespan for Your Average Client?

On average, our current clients have maintained an active partnership for 4 years.

How Long Until I Start Receiving Payments for Clients I Provide?

Your first payment/credit will be available within 60 days of the new clients approval.

How Can I Get Paid?

We pay via PayPal or bank transfer.

Who Do You Recommend Joining Your Affiliates Program?

If you have a strong desire to create sustainable income and are excited about expanding your online influence affiliate programs make a great tool for enhancing your monthly passive income. Especially when it’s so easy to distribute links via Facebook, social media, websites, and mailing lists.