Windows Server Advantages and Disadvantages 2018

Windows Server Advantages
What is a Windows Server and What are the advantages
The definition of Windows Server:
Windows Server directs to any type of server which is installed, operated, and managed by any of the Windows Server family of operating systems.
Windows Server presents and gives the same capability, features, and operating mechanisms of a standard server operating system and, at the same time, is based on the Windows NT architecture.

Explanation of Windows Server

It is usually capable of granting server-oriented services such as the option to host a website, user management, resource management across users and applications, security, messaging and authorization, as well as a lot of different server-focused services.
  • The Windows Server software has all of the following:
  • Windows 2000 Server
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows HPC Server 2008
  •  Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 8

What are the advantages of Windows Server?

The Windows Sever is developed and sold by Microsoft. Microsoft always supplies support and updates. People who are used to Windows will find themselves comfortably using Windows Server without a great amount of effort. Many people who use Windows Server hosting utilize ASP.NET, a free web framework for constructing websites and web applications with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. That is the main reason why people are turning to Windows server hosting; many people can develop a website with a similar interface of Microsoft tools that they are used to such as: Web Deploy and Visual Studio. Using ASP.NET, users can develop a database-driven website with Microsoft SQL database. Windows Server is also capable of running PHP and MySQL, the most popular programming and database. Therefore, the Windows server is very versatile to web hosting users.

What are the disadvantages of Windows Server?

Compared to UNIX, the Windows Server requires more system resources. A powerful machine is required to run Windows Server. When it comes to good reputation, sadly enough, Windows Server does not have it in terms of server stability. Windows Server often needs frequent reboots; certainly more frequently than UNIX. Once you are using Windows Server hosting services, you might find yourself spending a lot more money in the development tools as a lot of them are Microsoft products. The price of applications that are able to run on your web site are generally higher than that of UNIX. As an example, you can find many free scripts to run web board, chat room, web stats, email, and more for your UNIX-based web site, however, you will not find a lot of free applications in the Windows world. Have you read our Best Articles an Tutorials;
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